Orkut Plus! New Design is Now Live. Pour in Your Feedback

Orkut Plus! - New DesignThe new design of Orkut Plus! is now live. Please notify us of any bugs you find.. ;)

I’ll like to thank some important people who have contributed their bit to make everything fall in place.

  • Gautam Gupta – Our Coder, a helping hand, without his inputs it would have taken me months to finish this mod.
  • Orkut Guia (From Brazil) – A very dear friend from Brazil who designed logos and graphics for this new design.
  • You – For your patience and support.
The Exciting Part

As promised, we are bringing in quite a few interesting additions to our armory which will not only enhance your reading and browsing experience but also allow regular readers of Orkut Plus! to contribute and get some premium goodies and even generate revenue from Orkut Plus!. Slow down..This system will be implemented this month itself so you need to wait a bit as we are still working on some minor fixes before implementing this system.

Advertising and Sponsorships

(40% OFF  for Orkut Plus! Subscribers!)

From now on, we are open to sponsorships and have a pretty decent page set up for all clarifications and advertisement options. In case you wish to advertise your website or your orkut community on Orkut Plus! just head over to our Advertise With Us section and choose your preferred ad spot. Contact us if you have any questions..

Coming back to the new design..Please pour in your feedback on what you think of the new Orkut Plus! and if it was something better we could have done – We’d love to know..

Thank You for your efforts, inputs and patience. Now, get ready for some kick ass orkut stuff.. ;)

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22, Webmaster and Businessman. Based in Jammu, J&K – India
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  7 Comments on this Article.

  1. Congrats guys. :-)
    Very Clean Design! :-)

    Few suggestions:
    1. In sidebar – make categories and monthly archives as drop-down or “top 10″ style the way I have them on Devils Workshop’s sidebar.
    2. Reduce search input field in Google custom search below post area
    3. Also move orkut toolkit towards topside in sidebar. That part is unique so its better if its get more visibility. ;-)

    Rest, I must say again, great work by all OP team! :-)

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      Thanks Rahul :D

      Points noted and very shortly will be implemented… :)

      And thank you for introducing me to WordPress. Actually, all credit goes to you. You have been my best support. :)

      Thanks once again.. ;)

  2. Nice Theme … Lot faster than before.

    Only The Post Title would Look Better in Normal Large Font in Dark Red without the Red Rectangle (my personal view).

    What are the New Surprises you were Telling About ??

  3. alok says:

    nice looks good but confusing .

  4. Sudharsan says:

    This looks very cool :)

    Keep rockin

  5. Himanshu says:

    This is a very cool feature, I have sent a request for the new orkut design,
    waiting for their response, Orkut is trying very hard to compete with Facebook,
    this experiment is a result of Orkut hidden intentions to compete with
    Fqacebook. Anyways, this is a cool news for India and Brazil people.

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