Breakthrough Achieved – Scrap All Friends With Captcha Support. Coming Very Soon!

Update – We have Released Scrap All Friends v2.0 – With Captcha Support

We Did It! :DYes! We did it..Our coders have achieved a big breakthrough when it comes to Sending Scrap to All Friends on Orkut.

Regular users of our scrap all must have noticed that orkut did not allow them to send more than 15-20 scraps. The main reason was the word verification which they encountered after 10-15 scraps which legacy scrap all tools were incompetent of bypassing, but today we proudly announce the next generation of Scrap All Friends – Scrap All Deluxe v2.0 (Compatibility – English Language and Portuguese Language Orkut Users).

With Scrap All Friends Deluxe v2.0, you will be able to send scraps to your friends very very comfortably and conveniently even if orkut asks you for a captcha. Yes! You cant just skip that but believe me, we have made it very very easy and simple for you guys.

So get ready for the big one..This week is going to be an exciting one.. :D

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  9 Comments on this Article.

  1. OMG :)

    This will be the most awaited Tool of the Century ….

    Will it be a Toolkit php Page.. Or are you guys making a Desktop App ??

  2. Marco says:

    Yeah, this is the kind of thing that destroys orkut, it means more and more scraps and more and more spammers and more and more restrictions…

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      @Marco – Spam Scraps with links now go to spam folder. We cannot do anything about it. So dont worry about the spam stuff.

      Secondly, here users will have to enter captcha a.k.a word verification. Thus, the service will be used by those who really need to send an important scrap to all their friends.

      Finally, A Lion can’t fall in love with the lamb. If it’s not Orkut Plus!, it’s some other Orkut Hacker who will create such stuff sooner than later. This is my job and i have to be sincere at it :)

      Thanks for your valuable feedback though..That seriously rings bells in my mind..

  3. I don’t think Orkut has a problem with people sending scraps to all their friends and even telling them to join a comm.

    But what Orkut doesn’t like is when some people use the Loopholes in the system to only create problems for users. (Like the Worm Scrap All Attack by rodrigo)

    Thats the Reason they add more restrictions…

  4. gaurang says:

    when it will be available???

  5. sharma says:

    waiting for it … still waiting …

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