Bug of the Year – Profile With The Hightest Karma Ratings on Orkut

Wierd Karma Ratings!

Looks like some one is getting extra hot for Orkut to handle. This should explain the weird karma ratings on this Orkut User’s Profile.

For the less knowledge-able – Karma ratings are tiny hearts, ice cubes and smiles in your profile page which display the ratings your friends have given to your profile. Though normally they should not exceed a hundred percent, but orkut has it’s way of blowing off the rules more often than not.

Even our soon to come karma ratings increaser cannot help you attain more than 100 percent of these ratings. Looks like the guy is unbeatable at the moment. ;)

Speak up with what you think. Have any more bugs to share – Comment Box is all yours.. :)

Thanks Lawliet

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  5 Comments on this Article.

  1. Gaurav Kalra says:

    Orkut is really poor with this!! …. Gayish Design …. Poor UI …. I’ll suggest FaceBook :-)

  2. abhiraj says:

    I think thats not a hack or bug because this happens with my frend also his ratings wer 120% but it came bak to normal with time.

  3. Sid says:

    teh bug is fixed nao :(

  4. Hi its actually fixed now…………

  5. paresh says:

    facebook may have better ui but ive got used to orkut
    i like it
    and i am a fan of google

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