My Orkut Profile ‘About Me’ Shows [Content Suppressed]. What’s Wrong?

Confused?I am getting quite a lot of emails related to this issue so decided to share this issue with you guys. If you are seeing [content suppressed] in your Orkut Status Message or your profile description or your community description or your community posts then this post will give you an exact reason for this problem.

[Content Suppressed] in About Me – WTH!

Content Suppressed?

There are some common reasons which can automatically change your profile’s about me or your status message or your community description/posts to [content suppressed]

This is orkut’s way of curbing spam and execution of malicious javascripts or keyloggers and virus attacks

Today, We shall discuss what can make you lose your about me section overnight..

  • Suspicious Links – Please keep one thing in mind. Orkut Hate’s Links. If your community description or your about me section contains links to external websites, your about me is not going to last long, so create a backup. (Duh! Lazy? Okay..We will create that tool for you.. :P )
  • Blocked Links – Orkut has blocked some websites permanently. Thus, if you try posting a scrap with any of those blocked links, the scrap would conveniently be thrashed in to the spam folder. Tip – Try posting a scrap with the link – www.orkutplus.net and you’ll experience exactly what i just told. :)
  • Links to Orkut Apps – Yes! Even links within orkut are unacceptable to the orkut content suppressor bot. This is equivalent to spam but the major blow which led to it’s rejection was the security threats some of the rougue orkut applications posted to the users of orkut.
  • Links to Orkut Communities – This is Spam according to orkut..
  • Compressed Archives – Orkut wont take your zip or rar files. Fair Enough! They have no reason to be placed in your about me or your community description. So better keep those off orkut else orkut will suppress..err content suppress you..
  • Executables – Executable files (.exe) files are potentially harmful. They wont stand a chance on orkut.
  • Javascript Codes – Javacript snippets are capable of turning orkut upside down. I have covered the risks, simple looking javascript snippets pose. So don’t bother trying else you will have content suppressed written all over your face.
  • UserscriptsUserscript links reminds orkut staff (and even userscripts.org) about it’s wrost nightmare – the scrap all spam.

Obviously, Orkut was bound to take these steps especially when their staff members managed to get hacked a couple (1,2) of times. :P

What do you think? Does ‘Content Suppressed Bot’ Sucks?..Share your opinion with us..

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  1. alok says:

    Yes all factors listed above are true but orkut is getting worse day by day you can’t add new friends unless you know thy email and your important message goes into recipients spam folder and what may it for ones privacy but these are irritating modifications….

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  3. Rehan khan says:

    really orkut is good website for friends.. after long time which i missed because of orkut ,i love you orkut thanks for gmail supporter and managine team,.,best of luck i found my friends becouse of you people,,

  4. nikita says:

    i want to know liks for images in about me…

  5. bhagyada says:

    Hi all !
    I got a scrap in which sum content was suppressed. It got deleted by mistake from my scrapbook. But I hav it in my gmail inbox. is there n e way to read that content now? cud n e body help.?
    This is imp. 4 me as the msg in the scrap will help me decide on sum important issue.

  6. savan says:

    how to upload images in about me.

  7. ayan says:

    how to upload images in about me.

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