All About ‘Orkut Promote’ – The New Viral Advertising Feature on Orkut

orkut promote

Orkut has recently released a new feature which they call ‘Orkut Promote’.

As the name itself suggests, this feature will allow orkut users to promote ‘their stuff’ throughout orkut. Great for some free and awesome advertising opportunities on the hottest social networking site in India…huh? :P

Let us get deeper into this feature and dig out what it has in store for us..

Getting Started With Orkut Promote

Orkut promote is a viral promotion opportunity which orkut has integrated within which enables orkut users to create their own promotions or i’d better call advertisements which will be shown to everyone in their friend list on the top section of the right sidebar on their home page.

Getting Started With Orkut Promote

This means..No more Google Ads in my Right Sidebar?

Promotions and Google Ads will be rotated and you can trash and spread both of them. If you trash a particular promotion or advertisement, it will never show up again but will be replaced by a new one.

Did I hear the word ‘Viral’ somewhere?

Yes you did..This promotion could go viral if your friends love your promotion. All they have to do is to choose the spread option above your promotion and the same promotion will be shown to their friends too. And so on, it will spread amongst your network in no time at all.

Wow! Great for Some Damn Good Advertising!

Just a minute. To add, if your promotion sucks!…it will be trashed by your friends and will never be shown to them again. Forget about it being spread to their network.

You can track all the stats of your promotion in your promote page.

Orkut Promote

This is so Awesome..Where do i Start?

If you are a user in India, you’ll need to wait for a couple of months to get this feature live in your orkut profile. Orkut users in other countries have already started getting this feature in their profiles. You can tell this feature is live when a promote option is shown in your left sidebar just below the events.

orkut promote

Once you choose the promote option, you will be taken to a page where you will have to create your own promotion. You can add a video or a photo from your photo album too.

Orkut Promote

Once you choose create, your promotion will be shown to all of your friends. It’s up to them if they spread or trash it ;)

Video Tutorial – How to Use Orkut Promote

Useful Pages and Resources for More Help on Orkut Promote
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  1. alok says:

    yes its a killer feature orkut is now gr8 place to share your stuff with this promote well sad its not here now

    but can change my country to enjoy this feature???

  2. HI! I changed the country to Brazil hoping to get that feature. But I didn’t get it & cant change my country for 30 days :(

    Do u knw which countries are currently getting it??

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  4. [...] Brand mktg. in Orkut emphasizes targeted ad promotions underpinned by adsense (and brand widgets/experiences built on Google’s opensocial platform, there are currently approx. 6k apps. in the directory). In Aug. 09 Orkut launched a StumbleUpon type ad promotions supply whereby users ballot an ad/video etc. up or down and spread it that path or not…it’s called Orkut Promote (see this press release) Brands have to pay…it’s not autonomous of charge. Best description of the system can be found here. [...]

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