Orkut Plus! Toolkit Services are Back!

We are happy to announce that we have resumed our exclusive Orkut Toolkit Services.

Just is case you are new to free orkut tool services provided by Orkut Plus! our Orkut Toolkit page would provide every detail you need.

You can also use toolkit for Fakes in case you are a regular user of orkut cheat tools. These tools (Toolkit for Fakes) are still in beta and are not yet released.

Please give your suggestions and ideas for more new tools. We would love to hear from you.. :D

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  6 Comments on this Article.

  1. Jignesh says:

    Thx for starting this again, however all the toolkits are useless and dont work nymore, the scrapbook flooder is the best example, u ppl shud check them before making it public



    We love orkut WONDERFUL

  3. mohit j mehta says:

    please make a mass friend adder

  4. I think your Birthday scrap sender is not working fine..

    I registered and it delivered scraps regularly for a period but now it isnt..


  5. alok says:

    its nice to see Orkutplus back in action

  6. eu quero tamto der o orkut plus mais eui naum conseigo ler pq estart tudo em ingles eyu amo vc s

    bjas/By: Camilla Borgess

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