Orkut Showing ‘Adsense Leaderboard’ Ads In Photo Albums!

Ads on Photos in Orkut Albums

Picture says it all..Orkut has started displaying the biggest possible ad dimension possible with Google’s Monetizing Program – Google Adsense on pages with photos in orkut albums.

This is highly unlike Google and the way it integrates sponsored links in to it’s services – Take Google’s Search Result Pages or Gmail for best examples.

I will have to say that I smell desperation in the Orkut camp of finding effective ways to make revenue out of Orkut which is obvious since running a social networking giant demands a fortune or probably, orkut is trying to change the conception of the fact that Social Networking Websites + Advertising = Disaster for Advertisers, by placing ads on very premium spots.

Tell us how you feel about the ads being shown above the photos in orkut albums. If you are unhappy with it than need not worry, we’ll post a nice solution to block these ads in coming posts.. ;)

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  1. recipes says:

    every body needs money :)

    don’t you run ads ?

    i surprised they are late :D

  2. shriya says:

    I m trying to earn by using this adsense to my blog since last week…but i didn’t hav an idea that it can also be done in my orkut profile…pleeeezz tell me how to do this…

  3. [...] will allow you to remove advertisements from orkut home pages and the big advertisement banner which orkut added above photos in orkut albums.. Remove Ads from Orkut – [...]

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