Scrap All Friends v2.0 is Back With Some Minor Fixes

Last week, Many of you guys were complaining that our Scrap all friends v2.0 was not working properly. We looked into the matter and found that orkut had made a clever change to disable most of the greasemonkey scripts and php tools from functioning.

It was the change in it’s url where orkut had removed .aspx from all it’s pages thus making scrap all and othe tools inefficient and obsolete.

You will be glad to know that we have updated our scrap all friends v2.0 to meet your needs and now it works flawlessly and is compatible with the current updates.

Scrap All Friends Deluxe v2.0

Note – There are different codings for different languages to make tools work. Choose your scrap all below complementing your orkut profile language.

Scrap All for – English Language Users | Brazil (Pt) Language Users

  • Navigate to your ‘Compatible’ Scrap All Friends Page

Scrap All Friends - Step 1

  • Follow the instructions on the page.
  • Choose your options and preferences and finally proceed to ‘Scrap All Friends’ option.
  • After submission, you’ll be taken to the second page depending on your ‘Friends Preferences’.
  • Let the page load fully, and then choose submit.
  • Now whenever you face any word verification block, you’ll see a similar page a shown below:

Captcha Faced! :|

  • Word Verification image will be shown to you and all you need to do is to fill in the captcha and press submit.
  • Done! :D .
  • You just sent the scrap even when orkut tried to stop you from scrapping all your friends at once :P

Please Read – Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for this tool. (More Help?)

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  8 Comments on this Article.

  1. Rahul says:

    It seems that orkut guys are more clever as you expected…

    now i am receiving error “Error: Orkut didn’t allow the profile to post the scrap”

    I appreciate your help, but you need to take another deeper look into this issue..



  2. Swarnava Sengupta says:

    Most Important Tools In Orkut..Thanx Gautam..Working Fyn

  3. Tibu ;-] says:

    It shows ID not working but i can login manually :|

  4. Sabu says:

    Dude, thanks for da updation but…. now im not able to see the friends list @all

    im tryin to send scrap to selected friends. After i click on “scrap all” button, it goes to the next page and i dont see the list of friends but just da button “Scrap selected friends” :-(

    Screenshot here….


    Pl do the needfull

  5. Orkut says:

    If you want to loose your account then you can try it out. Its for sure your account will get suspended.

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      Increase the interval between scraps or send scraps to ‘less’ selected friends. Your account wont get suspended.

      If it gets freezed. Dont worry, it’ll get back to normal in 10-12 hours..

  6. b says:

    eu quero meu orkut cor

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