Trick – Bypass Display Picture Cropping Restriction on Orkut

A couple of days back we discussed the new restriction imposed by orkut while uploading your new display picture in your orkut profile. It made mandatory to crop your original picture while uploading. Many of you second my opinion that this sucks big time that’s why we bring a trick to bypass that restriction.

Bypass – Must Crop Display Picture Restriction
  • Navigate to Edit Summary page of your profile.
  • Choose Change Picture Option and Browse for your desired display picture.
  • Choose the picture and wait till the crop picture option shows up.

Crop Photo

  • Now run the small javascript snippet in your browser’s address bar (where you type http://orkut.com)

javascript:with(($ = (this.orkutFrame||window).document.forms)[$.length - 1])action = "/EditSummary.aspx?apw=9999&aph=9999&apdw=9999&apdh=9999&Action.cropProfilePhoto" ,submit();void(8)

  • You will now be shown a “Bad Bad User” Page :P

Bad Bad User.. :P

  • Dont worry. It’s nothing serious..
  • Now check your profile. Your profile has been updated with the full display picture you selected without any cropping. :D
  • Enjoy your self.. ;)

Thanks # for the javascript snippet.

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  1. somebody says:

    I never commented on any blog even once…but this was so useful that i had to comment…thanx a ton man,keep it up.

  2. chitrang says:

    Thankxx man thank u sooooo muchhh…
    you solved my worse orkut problem..thankx a ton..!!!

  3. varun0989 says:

    thnx buddy its really gr8……..

  4. TanmayRul3z says:

    Man this is freaking cool…guys its 100% wrking …..i have tried it myself…Keep uP the gud wrk Gaurav and thnxx a dozen ;)

  5. Shishir says:

    Thanks a ton, really..
    This is great.
    U rockk…..:D

  6. Deep says:

    use original option is back again…

  7. amarabdulla says:

    thanks a lot…orkutplus its really working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aarohee says:

    I have a different problem….
    Our university has blocked some orkut functions like changing d display picture and the about me column…. Dis is a problem for sure…. is dere smthng i can do to change the DP or other columns of my profile?!!!
    Plz help…

  9. Aarohee says:

    And everytime v try 2 change the picture or ‘about me’, it says d url not supported…

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