Can’t Upload Display Picture Without Cropping – New Update

Crop Your Display Pic!

Orkut has introduced a new update which sucks if you ask me. Orkut now makes it mandatory for all users to corp the display picture while updating or adding a new display picture to their orkut account.

While you may also share the same opinion as i do, i am sure you guys would love a fix to bypass this unnecessary restriction which has been imposed on the users by orkut.

So, the next post will be the trick you are looking for to remove this restriction.

Stay Tuned ;)

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  9 Comments on this Article.

  1. annanta says:

    I was really angry when i noticed it first.

  2. Vicky says:

    Yup… I am also waiting for the same, orkut is keeping unnecessary ristrictions!!

  3. Abhishek says:

    you dont need any tricks for inserting ur full image,..

    just go to
    and login ur orkut id,.. nd then change your pic to itz original size ;)

  4. Aman says:

    this is really bad….

  5. alok says:

    many new orkut features sucks……..

  6. [...] couple of days back we discussed the new restriction imposed by orkut while uploading your new display picture in your orkut profile. It made mandatory [...]

  7. pUnEEt a.k.a >-Ni2-> says:

    well!!! still you people can do it. Just edit your photo in any software like Photoshop, ACD SEE, Picasa or whatever having the function of cropping photo in portrait (not in square). After that goto & login with your id n password of orkut & upload your photo ….. DONE!

    Enjoy. (“,)/


  8. vijay says:

    Hey use Facebook instead…. Orkut’s restrictions really sucks..

  9. Anumod says:

    Ttoday I noticed that Orkut has disabled this function, Now we can upload images without cropping.

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