Breaking News – New Orkut Interface Unveiled – Exclusive Screenshots!

The New Orkut Interface

Yes! We got it spot on last week when we shared the news that orkut might be working on a new interface and today we come up with the proof of it’s existence.

Orkut has indeed worked on a new interface and I do have access to that new interface. :)

For now, You can look at some of the screenshots of this new interface as will be reviewing the new interface in detail in coming posts.

The New Orkut

Try the New orkut!

The New Orkut Home Page

New Orkut Communities Interface

Did You like It? Tell Us :P

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  1. Thaizinhaaaa says:

    Manda convite pra mim!

  2. Kshitij says:

    Hey GAURAV.. can yahh send mahh invitation 2 for joining the new cool orkut :(

  3. Anand says:

    Hey Gaurav… Great news… Cound you snd me an invitation @ anandxrfeu@gmail.com…?
    Thanx in Advance..

  4. chan says:

    I didnt find anything new or interesting in the orkut … simply big hype abt nothing ….

  5. Aaadee says:

    hey GuRAv plz send me the invatation of new orkut plzz

    Thanx in advance plzzz

    i request u

  6. deise says:

    manda convite pra mim por favor quero muito esse orkut manda vai nenhum amigo meu tem …faz esse favor pra mim eu quero muito esse orkut novo manda vai manda vai

  7. apoorva says:

    please gaurav send me an invite..plzzz

  8. Jessica Caja says:

    eu quero o convite para o novo orkut….

  9. AdrYANoBLX says:

    can you send me a invitation?plz

  10. adriana paula says:

    that’s the away, aha,aha, I like it!

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