Alert – ‘Convite Oficial – Novo Orkut (New Orkut Invite)’ Email Spreading Virus

If you have received an email even from an email address that belongs to orkut, then wait a second before getting into some real mess. Yes! That email might be infected by a Malware. I caught one red handed and when analyzed the file, it turned out to be a Malware file which prompted me to install something on my PC.

Some interedting revelations were found. Let me discuss them in detail:

How this Fraudlent Email Looks Like?

Malicious Email

Text Translated in English

Google Brazil invites you to learn the news of the New Orkut and understand what is behind the largest social network in the world.

New look, new applications, and much faster!


  • Email looks like it’s coming from orkut’s mailing system (5148662862542160820@mail.orkut.com). When I checked Full Message Header the email seemed to be sent from a server hosted in Netherlands. As far as i know, Orkut is now run and hosted in Google Brazil :P .
  • Email was hyperlinked to a link that looked pretty google friendly. See screenshot below:

file analysis

Here, the link which look pretty google friendly fetched a file (Thanks Dr Web Virus Scan) which prompts one to install it on the computer.

  • This fresh file fetched was checked for viruses (Thanks All Threats Virus Scan) and guess what – We got the result we were expecting. It’s a Malware!

malware found

So, please do NOT fall for such lucrative emails instead go for genuine ways to get the new orkut invites. :)

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  1. manish says:

    thanks for info gaurav .:)

  2. Paulo Ricardo Heinsch says:

    Gostaria de receber um convite do novo orkut.

  3. JARINA says:

    Quero receber um convite do novo orkut.

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