Competition 1 – Winners for ‘New Orkut’ Invites

Update: 07.11.2009New Giveaway is Under way. Win your invites..HURRY!

We had a fabulous competition with outstanding participation figures and we are happy to announce Competition #1 – Winners.

First – How Did I Chose The Winners?
  • (awesome website) provides all of us with a free awesome tool called as list randomizer. We put in the fields and the list is randomized in every click we make.
  • This was the input in perfect serial order which was given to the ‘list randomizer’ tool.
  • Each click on the randomizer buttom generated a new name in the No. 1 spot. So, we repeated the sequence – 5 Times to find our winners.
The Winners

Martha Carvalho
Twitter | Orkut (Results)

Nikhil George
Twitter | Orkut (Results)

Alok Chaudhari
Twitter | Orkut (Results)

Mateus Pontes
Twitter | Orkut (Results)

Shubham Gupta
Twitter | Orkut (Results)

Note: Winners are requested to claim their invites within 48 hours from now else invites will be rolled on to the next set of shortlisted candidates listed below. Please check your:

  • Email
  • Twitter Profile
  • Orkut Profile For the steps for claiming the invite.

Important – If any of these user already have access to the new orkut, the invite will be rolled on to next in our short list of which has been listed below.

Next Set of Short Listed Candidates – Invites will be rolled on to these candidates ONLY IF any of the winner does not claim the invite.

Arjun S Kumar

Arjun Phlox
Twitter | Orkut

Twitter | Orkut

Thiago Suchorski
Twitter | Orkut

Release Notes

1. We did not enlist in the draw because the contestant withdrew following getting an invite from orkut itself – Congratulations.
2. We were unable to verify – because the tweets were protected. So we could not enlist the entry for the draw.
3. We could not enlist this entry – because the page did not exist.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Gaurav DuaOrkut Guru546 Points
22, Webmaster and Businessman. Based in Jammu, J&K – India
Gaurav has written 514 Articles, posted 323 Comments.

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  1. Alessandro Reis says:

    Thanks Gaurav for the invite for the new Orkut.

    Alessandro Reis

  2. Arjun Phlox says:

    Glad that ‘m shortlisted. I already had the invitation on 2nd, though! :)

    Thanks to Gaurav for the contest!!

  3. alok says:

    Please pass invite to next lucky winner i have already access to new orkut.

    Orkutplus rocks

  4. Free Stuff India says:

    Ya i was lucky . thanks

    Congs to winners , Enjoy the New Look

  5. Himanshu Khandelwal says:

    I hav 5 invitations left on my profile out of 10..
    If anybody interstd….
    send me frndship req..
    Also leave a scrap wid this,..

  6. Akshay kakkar says:

    Congrats to the winners. Though i got the invi from orkut itself i hav many ivnvies left too!

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