Orkut Share API Released – Sharing on Orkut Gets Fun and Easy

Yes! Orkut has finally released one of the most awaited feature which bloggers and webmasters were waiting desperately for – Orkut Share API.

orkut share

Yes! orkut has now released it’s much awaited API which will allow orkut users to share interesting content from anywhere with their orkut friends with ease in a couple of clicks.

This feature is pretty similar to what facebook already offers what they call as Facebook Share. Bloggers and webmasters can pretty easily implement orkut share to their blogs which we will discuss in detail in the next post.

Once a user clicks on the orkut share button, a page opens which will show the sharing options. This sharing will be displayed in your profile feed where your updates are shown.

Orkut users can also choose to share their share directly via orkut promote.

Also ReadOfficial Announcement about the Release of Orkut Share API over at Official Orkut Developer Blog.

Bloggers and Webmasters can use Orkut Share API Documentation to add orkut share option to their websites. In case you need little assistance, our next post should clear all your doubts.

What do you thik of this? Incredible? :P ..Share your opinion with all of us.. ;)

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  7 Comments on this Article.

  1. Leandro says:

    I’ve made a bookmarklet to share pages easily on orkut.
    The post is in portuguese, but it’s just drag and drop the link at the bottom of the post “Compartilhar no orkut” into your bookmarks, rename it if you want, and when u visit a page u would like to share, just click the bookmarklet.


  2. Beto says:

    Parabéns pela eficiência, o Novo Orkut está ótimo, toda equipe merece todas congratulações, continuem nessa força. Abs.


    Translated in English

    Congratulations on efficiency, the New Orkut is great, the whole team deserves all congratulations, keep this force. Abs

  3. enusri says:

    great step

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