Orkut To Pay $500,000 Penalty Because of Fake Orkut Profiles

Google Sued!Brazilian Court in Sao Paulo has ordered Google to pay a sum of $500,000 to F1 Racer Rubens Barrichello because the racer had filed a civil case in 2006 complaining about hundreds of his fake orkut profiles imersonating him on orkut.

India Server, Washington Post covers the Story

The fake profiles of Formula One racer Rubens Barrichello in Orkut have earned him $500,000. Internet giant Google has been ordered to pay the amount to Barrichello as it owns and manages the social network site Orkut.

The court in Sao Paulo took the decision that was published in the Brazilian state’s official government gazette.

It said that the damages could be raised to $700,000 as the case was lodged in July 2006, and that Google risked a daily fine of $590 until the pages referring to Barrichello were removed.

The 15th district court of Sao Paulo held Google responsible for the damage as the company managed the site and established the rules for its use. According to media reports there were more than 300 fake profiles under Barrichello’s name on Orkut.

Google denied giving any immediate comment on the judgement. The amount of damage that has been ordered was the biggest yet awarded for false web profiles and online libel, said Brazilian specialists.

So think before you mask your profile with the pics of your favorite star as Google, Orkut and possibly you will be the one who may suffer in the end.

You must be aware of – Google’s Tell all Pact With Cops. It simply means, you end up messing something up, Google will be more than happy to handover your details to the cops. :)

Play Safe! ;)

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