Suggestion – ‘Verified’ Seal on Your Orkut Profile? Kill Impersonation Forever!

Twitter does it that’s why they probably don’t get sued for Half a Million Dollars for allowing fake profiles to survive on their site. Facebook doesn’t have it, so this might be orkut’s big chance to get one step ahead of facebook and start mass verification of orkut profiles to kill impersonation forever.

Profile Verification..A Better Idea?

I am sure if you will ask women, why they prefer facebook over orkut they will immediately raise their concerns on privacy and impersonation threats they may face on orkut. To add, there are many cases to support their claim.

If in case orkut has to go all the way giving a head on competition to facebook, it should look to invent or implement new features that are exclusive and not available in most of social networks.

If you think it will be a tedious task verifying millions of profiles then here is a simple suggestion which orkut is somewhat using to verify suspicious or inappropriate orkut profiles – SMS Verification. Orkut can issue a verified seal once a user verifies his or her profile with sms verification. One scanned document proof of either telephone bill or driving license should seal the deal.

If you are wondering how this will help, then analyze this – An Unethical user will think twice before doing anything stupid using his verified profile since he will be aware that orkut has the document proof as well has his phone number.

Unverified orkut profiles should have limited access like No photo uploads, no addition of new friends, no uploading display picture until you verify your profile. Impersonation Cases will fall dramatically and we will definitely find orkut a better and more safer placer to be in.

I believe that you have lots to say on this suggestion. Please speak up…

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  10 Comments on this Article.

  1. Debajyoti Das says:

    Orkut has been losing visitors… even since facebook rose to fame in india.

    This feature would probably make people lose more users.

    In a recent update orkut enabled data liberation to stop facebook from accessing orkut contacts…

    But this feature would be gr8 for celebrities on Orkut (if any)

  2. liborio says:

    gostaria de saber como baixar o novo orkut

  3. mohit j mehta says:

    please tell me how can i verify my orkut account

  4. Mallik says:

    Your suggestion is good but. Its not possible and not good to provide legal documents.
    As far as sms verificatin its ok. But It will cause lots of damage if we provide govt docs.
    Gmail is already following sms verification.

    ANd google gives us lots of freedom than any other social communities. For ex fb doesnt allow what ever name we keep.

    ANy way good suggestion and google will do the needful

  5. roox says:

    gostaria de como saber colocar esse simbolo azul do lado da foto acima’

  6. Shreyas says:

    yes, orkut needs to act fast. if you want celebs to join orkut then we need something like that, twitter is the main competition for orkut & so is facebook.

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