Big Announcement Tomorrow :-)

If you guys have been wondering why I have been away from the posts which i regularly write on Orkut Plus! then today is the day i explain the delay. First of all, my apologies for making you wait for new posts on Orkut Plus!. I promise i have drafted many exciting new posts to roll over from Monday, next week.

The Announcement

I am Happy :)

Orkut Plus! will Get a New Brother Tomorrow :)

Reason for The Delay

I have been working hard day and night to complete my promise of giving you guys one of the finest facebook resource site till date.

My dark circles should tell my story. I am sure you wont be dissapointed with the quality as well as quantity of the posts which are already scheduled to hit the stands starting tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend :)

With Love,
~ Team, Orkut Plus! ;)
~ Team Facebook Plus! :P

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  1. Debajyoti Das says:

    Interesting….. Waiting for the Launch :)

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