Rules Have Changed – How to Gain Ownership of Ownerless Communities?

We have earlier shared ways to take ownership of your community even if your profile gets deleted and for those community hungry guys, wrote about the trick to find ownerless communities.

A lot of time has passed and some things have changed. Today, i would like to update you with the new rules of taking ownership of ownerless communities.

New Rule for Taking Ownership of Ownerless Communities

The required community membership age to assume ownership of an ownerless community has been updated. It previously used to be a week. Now you need to have been a member of the community for at least 3/4th the age of the community to be eligible for the same.

In other words only old community members will see the ‘gain ownership’ link. This change was made to ensure the safely of orkut communities and might be further tweaked in the best interest of orkut and its users. We are in the process of updating the Help center and all other related pages- I will post back here when the changes are live. In the meantime, thanks to all of you for flagging this for us!

Thanks again,
Samaira, Google Employee.

So, earlier any member of that particular community who was 7 days old was able to take ownership of that ownerless community but as per the new rule, you need to be thye member of the community for atleast 3/4th the age of community. A nice update..

In any case, I will recommend that you follow these steps to secure your community even if your account or profile gets deleted.

Google explains it here. Also note: In case your profile gets deleted, moderators of the community will not automatically be granted ownership of the community as per google’s clarification here. In any case, adding your freind’s or your other profile as co-owner of your community. More details on co-owners. You might also like to read what to do if your co-owner deletes your community.

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  1. don says:

    Trust me man, this update is a bullshit. I lost my religious community and now it is under a brazilian. Most of the old members have left orkut and turned to facebook so this means no one will be owner of that community and amount of abuses will grow more and more. This update SUX BIG TIME. Orkut was crap now orkut is worse. FB is good.

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