Great News – Now Enjoy Orkut Userscripts ‘Officially’ on Google Chrome without any Hassle

Google Chrome LogoThere is some great news coming in from the chromium blog. Chromium, Google Chrome’s official blog has announced that they now support Greasemonkey Userscripts officially.

What’s the best part of this announcement? The post was written by Aaron Boodman who wrote Greasemonkey in 2004.

From the Chromium Blog

One thing that got lost in the commotion of the extensions launch is a feature that is near and dear to my heart: Google Chrome 4 now natively supports Greasemonkey user scripts. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension I wrote in 2004 that allows developers to customize web pages using simple JavaScript and it was the inspiration for some important parts of our extension system.

Installation is quick and easy, just like installing an extension. That’s because under the covers, the user script is actually converted into an extension. This means that management tasks like disabling and uninstalling work just like they do with extensions.

In their official announcement of userscripts support with google chrome, there are some few points i would like to emphasize on.

Only Google Chrome 4 officially Supports Userscripts : This means, if you are using any Google chome version other than Google Chrome 4, you will NOT find userscript compatibility with your browser. To overcome this, you will need to upgrade your browser to Google Chrome 4, which is in beta and is available for download.

Not all Userscripts will work on Chrome : You must understand that not 100% userscripts will run flawlessly on Google Chrome 4. You might have to ignore a 15% to 25% userscripts because of differences in Firefox and Google Chrome. Although developers of those scripts can easily tweak their scripts to make them compatible with chrome.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and get the Google Chrome 4 and start experimenting with the userscripts on Google Chrome. In case you are looking for userscripts for orkut, you need not search any further :-)

In case yo find any difficulties in installing or operating userscripts in Google chrome, Please wait for our upcoming posts on tutorials on the same.

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