Harry Potter Smileys For Orkut


Harry Potter Smileys Installed

From the screen-shots above you can easily understand what this post actually suggests that is, to make your Orkut Scrapbook more attractive or if you want some extra features to send to other users then install this Script to get the Harry Potter Smileys.

Harry Potter Smileys For Your Scrapbook!

Thanks Mallika for this userscript.

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  3 Comments on this Article.

  1. manish says:

    Thanks mallika & gaurav ..

  2. Sudharsan says:

    Does this wrk on new orkut???/

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      No. This does not work on new orkut. We are in process of updating userscripts to work on new orkut. developments will take some time.

      Users who are on old orkut can enjoy this script.

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