Screenshots of All 18 New Orkut Themes on Orkut

While i was discussing these new themes with some of my friends on orkut, I realized that not all orkut profiles have this feature live as yet. So I decided it will be better to share the look and feel of all these new themes with those orkut users who don’t have access to these themes as yet.

So, today i am sharing with you screenshots of all the 15 New themes on orkut. Enjoy seeing them.. ;)

Screenshots – 18 New Orkut Themes

Please click on images to view the full picture in a better resolution.

Abstract Patterns

1. Bamboo

2. Weave

3. Sunburst

4. Floral

5. Aquafans


6. Bloco Cerveja & Cia

7. Carnaval’10

8. Mangueira


9. Game

10. Sahara

11. Birthday

12. Downtown

13. Underwater

Moods and Emotions

14. Hip Hop

15. Country

16. Lights

17. Rock

18. Party

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