Now Send Private Scraps on Orkut. Also Enjoy Facebook type Conversations

Orkut has added two awesome features to it’s list – Conversations, which are pretty much popular in facebook and guess are pretty much inspired from facebook; and much awaited private scraps option.


From now on, all scraps you send to your friends will also show up in your profile, making it easy to start new conversations. You can join a conversation already going on by simply adding a comment to it, and the entire conversation will start showing up on your profile too, so you won’t miss a thing.

If you start a new conversation by sending a public scrap to a friend, it will show up both on your profile page and on your friend’s, so both of you won’t miss any replies. This also lets your friends leave comments and join the conversation as well.

Once a third person joins your conversation by posting a comment, the entire conversation will also show up on his profile, so others can get the conversation going too. The same will happen if you comment on a friend’s video or public photo, for example. This way even more people can join in and comment!

Private Scraps

We take privacy very seriously on orkut, and we want to make it really easy for everyone. That’s why we’re also launching private scraps, so you don’t have to use testimonials for private messages anymore. To keep something secret, just send a private scrap to your friends, and just those people selected will see it. Yep, just them! Recipients can also reply, creating a completely private conversation. Learn more about private scraps.

Isn’t this awesome? Let us know your opinion in comments..

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