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Today when i signed in to my Orkut Account i was surprised to see the very new layout of Orkut. Yes, guys it’s cool. Now it’s more simple to customize your Best Friends, School Friends, Work Friends.

I can see some new features here some of which i am highlighting below:

Scraps to multiple people

Now you can send a scrap to your friends viz home page of Orkut. You don’t have to copy and paste the same scrap if you want to send it to any other friends you can just send that scrap to multiple friends.

Privacy in groups

Now you can send private scrap to your four friends and those friends can only see and reply it to you. If you want to make that scrap public then it’s your choice you can go for it.

Groups of friends

To make it more simple and easy you can add group friends into your profile.

If these changes are not visible for you yet, don’t worry, over the next few days everyone will enjoy these new features.

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  2. pavan says:

    i dont find scrap to all friends option in my orkut profile pls tell me why

    • Jai Kishan Mishra says:

      Can you see To: at the right had side of my Orkut Display Picture. You will see 4 friends small dp’s that’s it.

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