Orkut Introduces Badges For Orkut Users

If you are regular on orkut then you probably know this update. Just in case you want to have an indepth explanation of these badges and their types and how to get them in your profile then this post is for you.

Badges on Orkut

Orkut has introduced badges for it’s users. This is an exciting more considering many of them will be willing to catch up on maximum number of badges hence increasing activity on orkut.

Just so you know, here is what a badge would look in your profile.

Now, the exciting thing is there are many badges you can aim for. We will discuss some of them here.

As per the official announcement by orkut, only 6 Badges have been released initially. No one knows what’s coming but from the first screenshot we assume there will be atleast 13 Badges if i were to go in for a safe bet.

Without assuming any further, we will discuss what’s in our hands. Yes! The 6 Badges to have a go and we’ll now discuss how we can bag all of them and raise our profile level.

In the above screenshot you can see the initial 6 badges that are available for grabs. Screenshot is self explanatory. In any case, I’ll pin them down.

5 Star Badge

To get the 5 Star badge, well you cannot do really much. You need to be using orkut since 5 years. I am wondering when i joined orkut. That’ll be an interesting tool to develop eh? Check when you joined orkut? (tell me if that’ll be interesting, we’ll have a shot at it).

Millionaire Community Badge

To get the Millionaire Community Badge, you need to have a community with over 1 Million (1000000) Members. That one is tough to crack.

Graduate Badge

Well, you must use most of the orkut’s features. This one sounds easy. May be we can get a short tutorial in our upcoming post on how to grab this badge easily. Yeah! That one is on my list now. :-)

Master Badge

Well, that’s my most wanted Badge – Orkut Master a.k.a Orkut Guru ;) . For this they say we need to use orkut’s most advanced features. Well, i think we can have a post on this too.

Promoter Badge

Well, you gotta use orkut promote feature and you must pray for it to be a hit. That’s the only way you can get the Promoter Badge.

Trend Setter Badge

Well, if you are too popular in your friend circle and your every post, picture gets talked about a lot then this badge should be a piece of ckae for you. For others, you must start appreciating and commenting on your friend’s posts and pictures and pray for kind response on your posts and images too.

Super User Badge

You need a lot of time to earn this badge. Have Time? Interested? Head over to Orkut Help Forum and start helping users who have posted their queries and pray that your effort will get noticed and the Super User Badge will be bestowed upon you. Very Prestigious though, Journey ain’t going to be easy.

Strong Contributor Badge

Now this one is tricky. Orkut says you can get this badge if you helped orkut team. There are so many ways you can help the orkut team – By Suggesting New Features, Reporting Bugs, Keeping orkut clean and reporting indecent profiles to orkut. Helping Orkut users in orkut forum is also a way of helping orkut team.

So these are the 6 Badges you can have a go at initially. FYI, you can choose which badges to show and which to hide. Any of you with 6/6 Badges can leave a comment with their profile link or a screenshot.

Well, I did notice something like redeem badges. May be it’s another exciting thing not explored too much yet. Will get back on ‘Redeem Badge’ in upcoming posts. Till then grab a few and show’em off. ;)

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