Legendry Orkut Blog ‘InsideOrkut.Com’ Up for Auction

The most iconic and the first ever blog dedicated to orkut is now on sale. After declaring the end of Inside Orkut on October’ 24, 2009, the founder Darnell Clayton announced on Feb’ 8, 2011 that Inside Orkut is now on auction.

“After receiving requests in my inbox with offers, I’m putting Inside Orkut on the auction block.:-)

For those wondering why I’m selling it, it basically comes down to the fact that I’m no longer using the blog/domain, as well as the fact that other people want to use the domain for (honorable) orkut related activities (note: as far as spammers go that’s a different story).”

To participate in the auction , just contact or scrap Darnell. For more details and any clarifications, you can comment on the official post over at Inside Orkut.

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  1. mandar says:

    he i moving to facebook. orkut itself will also go on auction soon.

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