Orkut Badges Walkthrough – How to Get ‘Graduate’ Badge Easily

I am sure you all are crazy about the colorful badges on orkut and there seems to be a buzz going around the discussion groups on how to get some of these badges easily and also much has been discussed about orkut badge redeem codes.

In this post we will set our eyes on ‘Graduate’ Badge and get an easy step by step walkthrough to complete the formalities to be eligible for this badge.

Easy ‘Graduate’ Badge – How?

Note: Follow all of these 8 steps as explained and you’ll be eligible for the Graduate badge.

Step 1 – Create 3 Friend Groups

Step 2 – Install any one of Official Orkut Themes

  • Choose any one theme which you like and set it as your default theme.

Step 3 – Add/Install any one Orkut Application to your Profile

Step 4 – Join Any 3 Orkut Communities

  • You can join any three orkut communities – choose the one you link from this page.

Step 5 – Create a Public Album

  • To create a public album, navigate to your albums page.
  • Choose create album option.
  • Add a Picture. Set privacy settings of the album as shown in above picture.
  • Save and Done. :)

Step 6 – Post At-least One Comment on Your Friend Updates

  • Navigate to your profile home.
  • Browse through the posts on your home page.
  • Look for posts starting ‘Updated His’.

  • Comment on any one of the ‘Updated His’ post.
  • Done. :)

Step 7 – Post a Public Scrap/Headline

  • Navige to your profile home.
  • Choose the post box and post a headline/scrap with settings shown in screenshot below.

  • Just post the message with above settings and done. :)

Step 8 – Post a Private Scrap to Group of Friends

  • Navigate to your profile page.
  • In the post box, choose multiple friends and mark privacy as private. See screenshot below.

  • Just post this private scrap, and you will fulfill the last formality to get the Graduate Badge.

That’s it! If you have completed all of the 8 steps mentioned above successfully, you’ll surely receive the ‘Graduate Badge‘ within a few days.

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