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Where Has The Feeds Option Gone? Has Orkut Dropped ‘Feeds’?

Where Has The Feeds Option Gone? Has Orkut Dropped ‘Feeds’?
Wow! It took me some time to notice this change (Guess..orkut keeps us too busy chasing its new features). Orkut has officially dropped the feeds option they had integrated with orkut profiles. The Feeds feature was introduced a couple of years back which created a lot of buzz and found many lovers.

Site News – ‘Translate to Portuguese’ Option in Feeds for Readers from Brazil

Orkut Plus lately is getting lot of Brazilian traffic which is observable with the huge feed subscribers jump. After my last post, i got a huge number of emails in Portuguese requesting the change in feed language to Portuguese. Well, i cannot think of splitting feeds in two languages at this point... – Check Your Scraps Without Logging into Orkut

orkutFeeds is a free service started by our friends over at Devils Workshop. This service allows an orkut member to keep track of any scrapbook on orkut without the need of logging in. If you are a regular reader of Orkut Plus!, then you must have used a similar service by ngcoders, which allowed tracking...
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