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Announcing Our First Official Orkut App – Multiple Orkut Theme Generator

Announcing Our First Official Orkut App – Multiple Orkut Theme Generator
Yeah! Keeping my promise of dishing you with loads of orkut apps this year, we announce the launch of our first ever official orkut application – Multiple Orkut Theme Generator. Note – Themes work with – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome.

Customized Scraps ‘Template’ Generator – New Year Special

Well, we have been doing a bit of experimenting with orkut generators and we are getting a good response. Today we are releasing another interesting generator called the Scrap Creator or the Customized Scrap ‘Template’ Generator. Though the generator has limited options as of now, but it...

Christmas Tree Generator – Create and Send ‘Personalized’ Christmas Scraps

Christmas is just around the corner and we wish you a very Happy and Jolly Christmas in Advance. Meanwhile, you should take the opportunity of thanking and wishing the one’s you love be it your friends or family. We are introducing Christmas Special – Christmas Tree Generator which will...

Multiple Orkut Themes Generator – Create Unlimited Themes in Single Click

Our Orkut Theme Generator Has been a big hit with our audience with over a 10000 Orkut themes already created. I can understand it may be a bit of hard work for those who run websites or orkut communities dedicated to orkut themes and wish to create multiple themes in a go. Well, I am here to answer...

Awesome – Personalized Orkut Scrap Generator!

Orkut HTML Scrap Generator is the next tool in our popular Orkut Tookit. This generator will allow you to create your personalized HTML Scraps to be posted to your friends scrapbook. This Generator has predefined templates. Once you enter the text, we will generate the set of 46 HTML Scrap Templates....

ASCII to Heart Generator – Send Heart Shaped Scraps

The ASCII to Heart Generator page allows you to convert simple text into heart shaped text, You can easily convert the plain text to heart shaped text and send it to your friends on orkut.

Orkut Words Generator – Your Text in Orkut Little People’s Font

Orkut Word Generator or orkut Alphabet Generator page will allow you to generate your desired text with orkut’s little “people alphabet” which you must have seen on orkut. you can Generate your e-mail signature or anything you want with the orkut people’s font. There are three...

Colored Scrap Generator – Send Multi Colored Scraps

Colored scrap generator allows you to convert plain, simple text into colored ‘rainbow’ text. You can navigate to this page and convert plain text to multi colored scraps and send them to your friends on orkut. You can get instructions on the page itself.
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