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Orkut Revamps it’s Login Page – Gets More Google Love

Orkut Revamps it’s Login Page – Gets More Google Love
Orkut is back to the scene with blazing updates after updates. After some of the most wanted features getting live last week, Orkut has now set up a revamped login page and aim to provide much faster communication and better Social Networking. Here are some screenshots of the newly revamped login page.Tell...

Catch MTV Roadies Hell Down Under Participants on Orkut

Catch MTV Roadies Hell Down Under Participants on Orkut
Are you a MTV Roadies Fan? Will you love to see and chat with your heroes and chicks on MTV Roadies 6.0 Hell Down Under? If Yes! Then this is the post you were waiting for…Get ready to meet MTV Roadies Hell Down Under Participants on Orkut..

Revisiting – My Favorite Not-So-Geeky Posts on Orkut Plus!

I was just going through the archives and found some great posts worth revisiting. I am sure we have added many new and loyal readers to our list and I understand it can be time consuming to browse the entire site to find stuff. I plan to revisit and share some of my favorites so that the new readers...

New Feature – Conversation With Friends

Orkut has introduced a new feature which will allow you to view your conversation with your friends. For instance, if you are having a scrap to scrap chat with your friend, you will have an option to view the conversation which will enlist your and your friend’s scraps in perfect order so that...

WYSIWYG Scrap Editor for Orkut – Awesome

An easy to use word editor so that you can send rich text scraps without really knowing or typing in HTML.

AutoScrap Reply Bot – Set and Send Auto Replies To Your Scraps

AutoScrap reply bot the next and one of the most awesome and exclusive additions to our Orkut Toolkit. AutoScrap Reply Bot is an exclusive service by Orkut Plus! which will allow you to set an auto reply message which will be scrapped to orkut members who send you a scrap. Let me explain how this...

Scrap All Friends – PHP Based. Fast, Handy and Ad Free

Update (02-08-2009) – Most advanced Scrap All ever has been Released! Scrap All Friends v2.0 – With Captcha SupportYou can keep track of all the orkut tools posted in our toolkit by checking our official Orkut Toolkit Homepage

Lock Individual Albums – Choose Albums You Wish To Show To or Hide From Strangers

Fantastic New Feature! This is one of the features i have been waiting for. Orkut now allows locking of individual albums. You can now choose which album you wish to make public and which album you wish to hide from strangers. » Lock Individual Albums – How ToNavigate to your privacy settings...

Breaking News – India To Ban Facebook, Orkut and Foreign Social Networking Sites

The news coming in from some popular publications confirm that social networking sites like orkut, facebook, hi5 are on their way to be banned in India due to security concerns. Orkut had been in the limelight most of the time for the bad reasons and the questions were raised every now an then debating...

Upload Multiple Images in One Go With Awesome New Orkut Feature

If you always wondered uploading 1000 pics on orkut would consume an hell lot of time then here is some fantastic news. Orkut has introduced a new feature which allows you to upload multiple pics in a single click. So no more clicking, choosing and uploading individual images. » How to Upload Multiple...
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