Copyright and Linking Policy

If you are interested in linking or quoting articles from Orkut Plus! in whole or in part, you are most welcome to do so but take into consideration these linking and copyright terms

Copy Limitations

Please do NOT copy the whole post. A short paragraph with content in quotes seems reasonable. Copy quoted material exactly, enclose it in quotations marks, and mention Orkut Plus!, with a link back immediately before or after the quote.

Credit the Source

You need to clearly highlight the fact that the content was derived from Orkut Plus!. Proper attribution is essential.

Link Back

You need to link back to the article from which you derived the excerpt. Always provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the article where the quote is from. Don’t hyperlink just to the homepage.

Publishing Scripts or Softwares

The scripts or softwares provided by Orkut Plus! are copyrights of respective owners. You may in no way claim to own or reproduce a script or software created by Orkut Plus or by any of the developers associated with Orkut Plus.

Copyright Violation and Misuse

Let me make it crystal clear – the time you take to post a scrap on orkut is equivalent to the time taken by us catching a culprit website copying our content. To add to it, it is much easier to get the details of the culprit website.

What actions we can take if a website is copying our content?

I come from a Well-Off Business Family, so i don’t care about the Hefty Attorney Fees. I wish the culprit is from a likewise background else he may end up screwing up his career. :P

PS – I don’t Joke :D

All content is copyright of Orkut Plus!. All rights reserved.


This Policy is subject to change anytime at my sole discretion & any changes made will be effective immediately.

Gaurav Dua
Admin, Author.