Mass Orkut Profile Maker By Orkut Plus!

Mass Orkut Profile Maker (Version 6.5)

Now, many of you would ask – Why do we need to create multiple profiles? Well, the only answer i can give is – You need multiple profiles to use the upcoming tools on our orkut toolkit efficiently. For instance, mass poll voter, mass karma ratings increaser, mass community member increaser, mass scrapbook flooder and hell lot of other never-made-public tools. :P

If you want to enjoy those tools, you will be required to have multiple orkut profiles and this Mass Profile Maker will make sure you can create multiple profiles very efficiently.

Yes! This tool too is another addition to our Orkut Toolkit and is a Property of Orkut Plus!. So don’t worry, it’s easy and safe to use.

Requirements – Mass Orkut Profile Maker

UpdateSMS Verification Nag while creating mass orkut profiles can now be bypassed. Please see this post for the tutorial and details.

Instructions and Usage
  • Open the software.

Profile Maker Version 6.5

  • You will see 3 options.
  • Click on the help section to get detailed support and instructions.
  • Start with – Profile Maker (option 1) and choose other options if you wish to customize your mass created profiles and then use other addons to make them join one or multiple communities or friends.
  • You will be provided help instructions at every step so don’t worry about complicating things.
  • If you face any issues or problems, please leave a comment on this post and we’ll be happy to solve your issues.

Orkut Plus! will not take any responsibilities of any Orkut Policy Violation. Read our disclaimer for this tool here. Also read our centralized disclaimer and privacy policy.